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15.Singlet Fission in a Hexacene Dimer: Energetics Dictate Dynamics
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14.Manipulating molecules with strong coupling: harvesting triplet excitons in organic exciton microcavities
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12.Exploiting excited-state aromaticity to design highly stable singlet fission materials
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09.Persistent Multiexcitons from Polymers with Pendent Pentacenes
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07.Effect of alkyl chain branching point on 3D crystallinity in high n-type mobility indolonaphthyridine polymers
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04.Indolo-naphthyridine-6,13-dione thiophene (INDT) building block for conjugated polymer electronics: molecular origin of ultra-high n-type mobility
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03.Highly red-shifted NIR emission from a novel anthracene conjugated polymer backbone containing Pt(II) porphyrins
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02.A nature-inspired conjugated polymer for high performance transistors and solar cells
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01.Deep-red electrophosphorescence from a platinum(II)–porphyrin complex copolymerised with polyfluorene for efficient energy transfer and triplet harvesting
Freeman D. M. E., Tregnago G., Rodriguez S. A., Fallon K. J., Cacialli F. & Bronstein H.
J. Org. Semiconductors, 2015, 3 (1), 1-7

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